Cheat Sheet

Commonly used keyboard short cuts for IntelliJ IDEA

Keyboard Short Cut (Windows) Action Description
Ctrl+Shift+F10 Run Run the program
Ctrl+Alt+O Optimize imports Fix imports or to remove unused imports from your current file
Ctrl+Alt+I Auto Indent Lines To fix indentation
Ctrl+Alt+L Reformat code Reformat source code to meet the requirements of your code style
Ctrl+Alt+O+I+L Fix imports,indentations and reforamt All the operatrions can be done using Ctrl+ALT+OIL
Ctrl+Shift+N Navigate to file Open a file
Ctrl+F Find Text Find text in a File
Ctrl+R Replace Text Replace text in a File
Ctrl+Shift+F Find text in all files Searches for text in entire work space
Ctrl+Shift+R Replace text in all files Replacess all the occurances of searched text in a file
F7 Step into Debugging
F8 Step Over Debugging
F9 Resume program Debugging
Ctrl+F2 Stop Debugger Debugging

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